Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My TOP 10 Movies of 2013

Bath Salt Zombies

Adjust Your Tracking
The Ballad Of Skinless Pete


American Holokaust

This Is The End

The Heat

The World's End
Pain & Gain

Friday, August 23, 2013

"Leaf Blower Massacre"

OK....I'm a little disappointed.  Why?  Because I want more Leaf Blower Massacre.  I didn't realize going in that this was a short film.

An homage to the 80's slasher ( most notably "Nail Gun Massacre" ) it was a fun little film that latched onto my attention from the start & had me for the duration.

What you get in it's running time is a birth of sorts.  The first look at a killer who happens to love using a leaf blower in his "Craft".  The kills are nice & humor is mixed in as well, which I liked.  Director Anthony Cooney is working on a full length sequel that is sure to be a fun ride.

For more information on TLBM...go to their Facebook page.

Friday, August 2, 2013

"Amerikan Holokaust"

"Disturbing". "Vile". "Unsettling".  3 words that could describe the first film from director Chris Woods.  Now I'm not saying that in a bad way, I'm just being honest.  Does that mean it's a bad movie?  No...but it depends on if you are a fan of this type of film.

It's a faux documentary / found footage style film that tells the story of 2 friends, Michael & Antwan.  2 war veteran serial killers who thrive on kidnapping, torturing, raping, & murdering women.   Throughout the movie, you slowly learn about how these 2 became the sickening duo they are.

Having to work with pretty much ZERO budget, the movie was well shot & edited.  The acting ( esp Sceiro & Glazier ) was really convincing & nauseating.  I know some people have compared it to certain other films of this genre but I won't.  I can see the inspiration but A.H. has it's own feel to it.

Do I recommend seeing it?  Yes...but like I said before, only if you "like" these type of flicks.

If you are interested in seeing it, click the link below for more information.

Amerikan Holokaust on Facebook

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I really had no intentions on seeing "Mama" at all.  First thoughts when I saw the trailer was "that doesn't look like something I'd like". After hearing some good things about it, I gave it a shot.  My first thoughts were correct, I didn't much care for it. 

The acting was good. The story even had it's strong points...but it just went downhill QUICK.  It felt really rushed to me & it failed to keep my attention.   

My biggest gripe ( like others I've read ) was the CGI "mama" that those little girls kept talking about the whole movie.  HORRIBLE! 

2 / 5

"2 Hours" ( short film )

"2 Hours" tells the story of a unnamed man, thrust into a virus outbreak.  Not only is he having to deal with the loss of his girlfriend, he has to deal with being bit.  Having only "2 Hours" to find other survivors before the virus over takes him, he finds himself struggling with visions of his recently lost love.

The film, written by Josh Merrill & directed / shot / edited by Michael Ballif , is really well done.  With little to no budget, they were able to put together a film that pulls you in.  The acting was excellent & the make up / FX were just right & not over the top. 

I loved their decision to use first person, POV, & wide shots throughout.  Deciding to do that could've been a mess but Ballif's editing made it work.  Pair that with locations chosen to film...you have a visual treat of a movie.

I highly recommend everyone check it out ( see below ).

website - imdb - facebook

4 / 5

Friday, July 26, 2013

"The Conjuring"

OK..."The Conjuring". By no means is it not a good flick, I liked it. But after all the posts I've read since it came out, I was a little disappointed. Everything about it was good...the story, the acting, the cinematography.

What was missing was the "scary" aspect. Sure...it was creepy, but I didn't experience "I was scared" factor. Maybe I just have a different point of view when it comes to it.

Who knows.

Nonetheless, James Wan has directed another good movie, not his best, but a good one. With that, I am a fan of his & I am looking forward to "Insidious: Chapter 2".

Friday, July 5, 2013

"Velvet Road" (short film)

My lack of faith in the zombie genre was just turned upside down in the time span of 13m 54s. L Gustavo Cooper's "Velvet Road" is that "something different" you wish for.

Intensity, fear, & emotion....it's all here.  I literally found myself getting teary eyed as I watched the character Bobby struggle with decisions & change his beliefs.  It is beautifully shot & backed with a great score.

I look forward to Gustavo's other works & inevitably bright future.

4.5 / 5